How to: Texture Granite Worktops

Our video guide on how to texture granite worktops

How to: Create Tight Joints

Our video guide on how to create tight joints

How To: Protect your stone with our new 6ft sink bar with suction cups

Our video guide on how to easily protect your stone with our 6ft Sink Bar with suction cups

How to: Get your Worktops Into Homes

Get your worktops into homes without the hassle with our quick and easy-to-use self-Locking Dolly
choosing the right blade

Choosing the Right Blade For Your Stone

Choosing the right blade for your stone can mean be difference between a perfect result and a pitiful one. Read more here.
cnc tool redressing service

CNC Tool Redressing Service

Learn everything you need to know about Stonegate Tooling's CNC Tool Redressing service. Save time and money with Stonegate today.
sintered material

Sintered Materials: The Complete Guide

Sintered materials are rising in popularity across the world, with a significant rise in worktops & bathrooms. Discover more here.

Dress Your Showroom To Impress

Your showroom is the pinnacle of the customer experience, it is usually the first thing the customer sees when they walk in. Read more.
types of countertop edges

Types of Countertop Edges

Platforms such as Pinterest allow customers to collate ideas of the types of countertop edges they like, fabricators need to know what's out there.
worker with ppe mask and ear defenders

Noise at Work: Are you Protecting your Hearing?

There are lots of effective controls you can put in places to reduce the risk of hearing damage, read more about noise at work here.

The TEMPEST – One Year Later

It has been a whole year since we launched the TEMPEST blade into workshops across the country. Read more about what we've learnt.

HSE Continuing to Conduct Spot Checks

HSE is continuing to conduct spot checks and inspections on workplaces. Read more about these workplace inspections here.