BLU UCS in action

BLU-UCS: Stonegate launch revolutionary new router

The Stonegate exclusive BLU UCS router is designed for cutting notoriously difficult materials, such as porcelain, ceramic and Dekton.
Flexijet Outdoors

Flexijet 3D: not just for stone fabrication!

Flexijet can do much more than measure worktops! Use it on staircases, window frames or even an entire house - read on to find out how!
Bridge Saw


Find the right blade for your CNC saw and improve your fabrication with this helpful guide.
Vortex In Use

Stonegate Launch New Vortex Saw Blade

Welcoming Vortex - our brand-new saw blade, which is specifically manufactured for cutting granite and engineered stone!
Dal Prete

Why buy a Dal Prete Water Treatment system?

Water treatment solutions clarify wastewater and allow it to be reused – ensuring a positive impact both financially and environmentally.
Using Silicone in Silicone Gun

Silicone Sealants: What's What?

Confused about which silicone you should be using on certain materials? We've put together a handy guide to help!

Digital vs. Physical Templating - the Pros & Cons Explained

Most worktop fabricators would be aware that there are two main ways of templating worksurfaces - fluted templating sheets or digital machines. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and in this article we've explored the main ones to help you decide what's best for you!

Optimo FAQs

The Optimo service from Stonegate Tooling allows faster, more accurate profile tooling setups on CNC routers, plus support using the service
Sealed Quartzite Worktop

The Ultimate Guide to Sealing Quartzite Worktops

While the hardness of quartzite helps it resist etching or scratching, it is still susceptible to staining. Find out exactly how to seal quartzite worktops to ensure the best result for you and your customers!