Ian Lowes Stone Masonry


At Stonegate we pride ourselves on excellent customer support, often tailoring our service to suit the needs of the client. A fantastic example of this is showcased with Ian Lowes Stone Masonry.

Working with sandstone can be really tricky and on a recent job for Carr Construction and Restoration Ltd, Ian Lowes Stonemasonry reached out to our expert team to find the right tools for the job.

They were struggling to find the right tool that would provide; not only the right edging profile, but that would also be able to stand up to the abrasive nature of sandstone.


Working with Stonegate’s Jeremiah we were able to develop bespoke CNC stubbing wheels, crown mills and engraving tips, designed specifically for sandstone and perfect for the job. As you can see from the video the finished result looks truly fantastic.

To find out how Stonegate could up your tooling game and create something bespoke for your needs, contact our team today, 01482 620400.