How To: Create Tight Worktop Joints

Perfectly flush, almost invisible, colour-matched worktop joints that never break.  Sounds impossible, right?  It’s not!  Set yourself out from the crowd with the smartest joints in your field, using our Stonegate Easy Work Automatic Seam-Setter Kit!  Follow our easy 7-step process below:

  1. Prepare your adhesive. Here at Stonegate we offer two options – Bondex – a knife grade adhesive, and Invisabond – a non-sag seaming adhesive specifically designed for Engineered Stone, Ultra-Compact Sintered materials and Natural Stone products.  Both products come pre-mixed (Bondex in a tin, Invisabond in cartridges) to save you time getting the exact match you need.
  • Note: Bondex is not suitable for use on DEKTON.
  • Stonegate’s Top Tip: Check out our Colour Match Tool to help you find the perfect match to Silestone, DEKTON and Caesarstone!
Preparing the Bondex by mixing it with hardener
  1. If needed, apply masking tape to either side of your material to prevent any migration onto the surface of the worktop.
  • Stonegate’s Top Tip: We recommend that you position the masking tape 1mm away from the joint edge, to give you a clean result.
Protecting the worktop joint edges with masking tape to prevent adhesive damaging the stone
  1. Apply glue to the joint gap, being careful not to over-fill the space – too much glue and it will transfer onto the Seam-Setter feet as the pieces join together.
Applying the Bondex adhesive to the worktop joint
  1. Place your Easy Work Seam Setter and switch on when you’re ready to join your stone, levelling the stone using the knobs.
Placing the Easy Work Automatic Seam Setter onto the worktop surface
  1. Pack stone surfaces with wedge/flat packers to ensure a level finished result.
Ensuring a level joint by packing out with packers
  1. Allow sufficient time to harden – as a guide, we recommend for 60 minutes for Bondex, and 30 minutes for Invisabond.
  • Stonegate’s Top Tip: Remember that Invisabond’s shelf life and cure speed are both affected by temperature.  Storing your Invisabond adhesive correctly is key to getting the most out of it – we’d recommend keeping it at or below 22⁰C.
Allow sufficient time to harden
  1. When the joint has set, remove the Seam-Setter and masking tape. Use a razor blade to clean the joint, then polish it off with steel wool.
Wire wool for cleaning the finished worktop joint

The Stonegate Easy Work Automatic Seam-Setter Kit can be used manually, with a thumb pump (there’s a handy red safety line to let you know if suction is being lost), automatically with battery suction, or plugged into mains power.  It also features white suction cups, so there’s no risk of marking light coloured materials, and not only that, it comes in a protective carry case for easy transportation.  Get yours here!