How To: Protect your stone with our new 6ft sink bar with suction cups

Protect Your Stone

Video Transcription

Easily protect your stone with our 6ft Sink Bar with suction cups

With strong suction to hold fragile Granite on the surface while transporting to site and handling, the Sink Bar comes with 4 movable suction cups to suit your needs

For use in areas where you can’t have wrap-around clamps, the Sink Bar is the perfect solution

Use along the back of your worktop along with our clamp version of the Sink Bar on the front of the worktop, this will assist your team when sliding the worktop onto the carcass unhindered

Move the suction cups to suitable areas, for example, to miss a sink opening

The Sink Bar has a safety feature to alert you when suction is lost, and is also equipped with an easy release button