Types of Countertop Edges

Types of Countertop Edges

Will Offering A Variety Of the Types of Countertop Edges & Profile Options Give Your Showroom The Competitive Edge?

To answer this question and to explore the different types of countertop edges, we need to look at your customer’s journey and how they came to arrive in your showroom.

A new kitchen is a big purchase and investment for any customer. In today’s modern world, with information and research at your fingertips, it is reasonable to assume that your customer will walk through your door having a fair idea of what they like and don’t like, regardless of whether they have made a definitive decision or not.

With platforms such as Pinterest allowing the customer to collate ideas of what they like, fabricators are finding their customers requesting certain looks for their home.

One of the fantastic things about a showroom is that it gives customers a chance to touch and feel different looks and finishes to help them see and touch the look up close, to make that decision.

If a customer were to walk through the door, having looked at several countertop edges, and was torn between the common Top Chamfer profile look and the more creative Shark Nose edge that they had seen online.

If then all your showroom displayed was the classic Top Chamfer, then they are unlikely to consider a more expensive look, as they won’t have been able to experience it in reality. It is simple really – showcase the look you want to sell and make it easier for your customer to do business with you.

Let’s have a look at some of those popular types countertop of edges, their looks and the profiles you will need to achieve them.

The Top Chamfer

z profile

The Top Chamfer profile (also known as ZS or E) is a common kitchen countertop edge look. The slight sloped top edge takes the harsh sharp corner away from a simple square cut, while still keeping the traditional sleek and modern look. Simple and classic, there is no surprise that this is a popular choice and the go-to standard for a lot of contract work.


The bullnose look is both classic and timeless. This particular look never goes out of style and can be found in a wide variety of kitchens. The Bullnose cuts a 35mm bore around the edge of the countertop creating an elegant curved countertop edge.

The Ogee


The ogee edge is a traditional look, giving an air of sophistication to any kitchen. With a sharper edge transitioning into a smoother rounder edge, the ogee is sure to make a statement in any kitchen and is very popular for kitchen islands.

The Cove


The cove is very similar to the Ogee in that it starts with a more definitive edge and moves towards a more rounded bottom. The subtle difference here is that the jump between the two is much more defined in the cove.

The Waterfall


The waterfall countertop edge profile look is the more extravagant of the range and certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional grand kitchen.

The Shark Nose


The shark nose countertop edge gets its name (as you might expect) due to the fact that the edge looks a little like a shark’s nose. This contemporary look is at home in most modern kitchens, giving that extra touch of class and is usually found in kitchens with handleless cabinates.

A Waterfall Island


This is where it gets slightly confusing. The new craze to sweep kitchens across the country is the waterfall kitchen island, not to be confused with the CNC profile edge called the waterfall. This effect has the appearance of the stone running over the edge to the floor, like a waterfall. You can achieve this look using the CNC Y30 Profile which will mitre a 45° angle into the stone allowing you to join them together. You would then polish in a rounded corner to give the effect that the stone is simply flowing down around the corner.

Lamented – The Custom Option


This effect is achieved with a double edge allowing the customer to create their own statement countertop edge. The particular one above is showing a waterfall and an ogee combination. The double edge gives the appearance of a thicker stone, which will give an air of quality to the kitchen.

Don’t have a CNC Machine?

Do not worry, we have a wide variety of hand edging profiles available for you to show off your skills to your customers. Talk to our sales team today who will be happy to talk you through the range.