BLU-UCS: Stonegate launch revolutionary new router

At Stonegate, our passion for excellence continually drives us to seek out solutions to your stone fabrication challenges. Something that has been reported back to us time and time again is how hard it is to find the right tooling for the cutting of traditionally difficult materials such as ultra compact surfaces, porcelain and ceramic.

That is why we are delighted to launch the new BLU-UCS Router, available exclusively from Stonegate and available to buy now! Speaking with our fabricators and working with suppliers, we have spent time developing and testing the BLU-UCS Router to ensure it delivers what you most need – cut Dekton, porcelain and ceramic just like you do engineered stone.

BLU UCS Router in action

The forgiving bond of the BLU-UCS Router makes routering gloss products, like Dekton, so much simpler. The 4 twin segments ensure that even using on harder materials won’t impact the lifespan negatively and enable you to deliver a super clean cut throughout the life of the router. And that isn’t all… You can also cut at speed with the BLU-UCS, running up to 7500 RPM, increasing productivity and efficiency in your factory.  Advised feed rate is 400-400mm/min although we have had customers report back that they can get it running up to 700mm/min!

Speed doesn’t come with a compromise either, the BLU-UCS Router is astonishingly quiet, making for a much more pleasant working environment. It can accommodate both 20mm and 30mm thickness materials easily and some of the most important feedback we’ve received is regarding its reliability – it works first time, every time.

BLU UCS Router

This is the best UCS router we’ve ever had! Yes, it’s slightly more expensive, but it’s very fast, doesn’t break and the quality of cut is brilliant!

Karol Jarmuziewicz

JR Stone

Don’t take other customers’ words for it though – why not try it yourself?! You can buy online here or if you want to place your order over the phone, call 01482 620400, or email

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