CNC Tool Redressing Service

Let’s be honest, with the situation we all find ourselves in, money is tight and reviewing your purchases and prolonging the life of machinery you have invested in, especially whilst business is so quiet, has probably never been so important.

If you are reviewing your CNC tools and are know that really they are no longer running as quickly and efficiently as they used to, then give the team at Stonegate a call because we can help you out quickly and cost-effectively.

Stonegate can redress your metal CNC tools and profiles and restore them back to their former glory enabling you to use the same tools again.  So, you can be happy in the knowledge that your redressed tools will not only achieve the same accuracy and finish as brand new tools but will return to running at the manufacturers recommended speeds of mm/min.   

The team at Stonegate will turn your tools around quickly to ensure that, whether you take the opportunity to use the service now, to help prepare for when business starts to return, which it will, or in the future, your production is uninterrupted. 

For more information or to speak to one of the team, please contact us


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