Flexijet 3D: not just for stone fabrication!

Since we launched Flexijet to the UK market, this innovative 3D CAD-measurement system has revolutionised stone fabrication for our customers. Designed specifically for the stone worktop industry, this laser digital templating solution has made measuring splashbacks, waterfalls and cabinet tops quicker and easier than ever before.

Flexijet is small and compact, making it easier to carry to site and operate by one person, and the option to be able to see the results in 3D with one click has made templating even more intuitive than ever before. Gone are the days of carrying around stacks of physical templates in the back of the van and storing them in the factory – Flexijet does all of that for you!

But it can also do more than stone worktop measuring!  Read on to find out alternative uses for Flexijet, why it is so unique and how it can help you gain an innovative edge on your competitors.

Use Flexijet for digital templating on-site

Flexijet is not only a precise measurement tool, but it can also be absolutely invaluable when on site. This makes it perfect for applications such as the positioning of pre-fabricated modular walls or joinery on site, particularly for more tricky aspects such as curved walls. It isn’t just fabrication either, Flexijet’s digital measurement system can be used to plan for restoration work, such as the repair of damaged roof beams and trusses. Studies show that Flexijet can save up to 33 hours compared to manual methods.

Measuring for staircases can also be a notoriously laborious and complex task, yet Flexijet 3D will allow precision measurements, particularly for complicated areas such as curved balustrades. The ability to capture all of the measurements and curves in CAD 3D means avoiding the potentially cost and time-consuming errors that might occur with conventional measuring methods.

Using Flexijet outside
Exterior digital templating

The unique 3D measuring capabilities of Flexijet aren’t just limited to indoors either. Because of its portability and ease-of-use, it is also ideal for use in outdoor circumstances too. This makes it ideal for measuring up for the design and fabrication of conservatories or home extensions. Architectural metal fabrication such as the creation of patio canopies, pergolas or bespoke wooden arbours, becomes quicker and simpler and can save up to 60% of time during measuring and templating.

The system isn’t just limited to smaller structures – the Flexijet digital templating system has actually been used to measure the exterior of an entire block of apartments­­. When original architectural drawings could not be located prior to a huge renovation project, Flexijet 3D was brought in and saved over a week in time, not to mention thousands of pounds.

It doesn’t stop there!

The more training, development and experience you have using the Flexijet system, the more you will realise just how wide the scope for it is. Time consuming and arduous jobs such as templating window frames or dormer windows can be made simple, turning this CAD templating system into a window measuring tool. It can be used for on-site measures for shop fit-outs, measurement of steel structures and also for simpler garden construction projects like decking. The possibilities are almost endless.

Flexijet Screen
Flexijet 3D offers a range of unique features such as measuring and drawing in real time, rapid site measurement, projection of CAD points and simplified relocation amongst much more. If you would like to find out how Flexijet 3D can save your business time, money and headaches then just get in touch with one of our specialist team on technical@stonegatetooling.co.uk or 01482 620400, or you can use our enquiry form here.