Introducing The New TEMPEST Diamond Bridge Saw Blade

It’s often said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. As the market-leading supplier to the UK stone industry, we have a keen interest in developing new and innovative products that truly advance our customers’ production ability.

This month, we’ve added to our range of diamond bridge saw blades and introduced the next-generation of stone cutting, The TEMPEST Diamond Bridge Saw Blade.

Using 9 layers of the latest arranged diamond technology and constructed with 26mm layered diamond segments the new TEMPEST Blade offers powerful, performance stone cutting at higher speeds than ever before.

The strategically placed diamond ensures that every diamond’s full cutting potential is reached, offering maximum cutting ability and achieving a 2-3m/min feed rate through engineered stone and at least 2m/min through granite.

Of course, faster cutting might not be every fabricator’s main consideration which is why we’ve developed the TEMPEST Blade with cost-effectiveness in mind. The 26mm segment is 80% larger than average comparable blades of this type so fabricators get much greater value for money by choosing the TEMPEST Blade.

The industry average cost per millimetre for blades of this type is roughly £16.80, the TEMPEST Blade’s wear averages £12.28 per mm of stone cut – meaning big savings versus the other currently available tools.

We’re continually developing new products for our customers and as the UK’s most trusted provider of specialist products and knowledge to stone fabricators, new product development is one of the most important ways we offer an industry-leading service to our customers.

Damian White, Sales Manager here at Stonegate added, “The TEMPEST Blade shows our customers we mean business, it really is a no-brainer to us why our customers should choose this next-generation of diamond bridge saw blade.

Whether you’re looking for performance, speed and power, or simply a more cost-effective large diamond blade, the TEMPEST has you covered.”