New Aztec Trimax System

When it comes to stone polishing, few know how to get the very best shine possible. It’s about skill, technique and, most importantly, the right product for the job.

There have been several examples of 3-step wet stone polishing pads in the past, but they’ve all fallen short of perfect because the shine was never quite up to to the standard of the traditional 6 or 8-step systems.

A perfect shine is achieved through a number of factors and one of the essential ones is that the surface has been sufficiently made smooth by lower-grit, aggressive positions.

Traditional 6 and 8-step pads start with a 50 grit, this coarseness works to remove saw marks and ensure a smoother working surface for the finer polishing positions.

It’s here where the old 3-step systems have failed, they would typically never have the aggressive stock removing power of the early positions and would instead veer towards the finer grits which achieve a good shine polish, but only truly work if the surface is smoothed beforehand.

Of course, a 3-step pad system does make perfect sense, fewer positions to achieve the same, high-shine finish means that you end up spending less on sets of polishing pads and save time going through 8 positions when you can achieve it in three.

The economic benefits of choosing a 3-step solution are clear to see, but, so far, there hasn’t been a convincing 3-step solution that could even come close to replacing the traditional ways…

… until now.


This is where the NEW AZTEC TRIMAX comes into its own. TRIMAX has spent years in development to perfect a resin bond and diamond distribution that achieves the same results as wet stone polishing systems that take twice as long to complete.

The new TRIMAX pads use an innovative pattern to drive water to all areas of the face whilst clearing away dust that eventually spoils the final result. In only three-steps, TRIMAX cuts through the stone whilst polishing both granite and quartz to a high-shine, unbeatable final polish.

What’s more, TRIMAX features an optional ‘position 0’ for extra polishing power. The ‘position 0’ features much greater diamond quantities than any of the other pads meaning enhanced stock removal for grinding out saw marks which can impact the performance of the system.

The ‘position 0’ takes the impressive final polish of the TRIMAX to new levels, achieving a flawless final polish on granite and quartz making it well-worth opting for.

Choosing AZTEC TRIMAX doesn’t just make sense to achieve a better overall result, it makes sense because it helps maintain your competitive edge, getting more finished products out of your workshop and helping you win!