Optimo FAQs

Optimo is a service provided by Stonegate Precision Tooling that allows for much faster and much more accurate profile tooling setups on a CNC router, along with support and assistance in utilising the service provided by our technical team. If you use CNC tooling, then Optimo is a great option for you and your business.

Why would I use Optimo?

As with most aspects of life, technology can help us to reduce the amount of effort it takes to do a previously difficult task, with CNC tool setting and management no exception. Our proven system allows you to concentrate on production without costly delays or lacklustre results. This is done with 3 main services: subscription, rental and individual set up. goes here

What are the benefits of using Optimo?

Reduce the time it takes to process worktops on your CNC whilst significantly increasing the overall quality and extending the life of your stone tools. Control costs and accurately price to your end user.

How long do I get access for?

Our subscription generally is for two years. A rental is for one week. Both aspects of Optimo can be discussed or negotiated to fit in with your program or needs.

How much does Optimo cost?

Subscription packages are bespoke and therefore we work with you to understand your output, machinery and needs. We total up your requirements for two years and divide this into an affordable monthly cost. A rental has a fixed price of £535 for the first 10 linear metres and £27 per linear metre thereafter. An individual set-up has two prices, for £798 a technician will visit your site and assist with the installation of the prepared tooling, or for £535 we will send you all information you will need with the potential of assisting remotely via video call, Team Viewer or telephone.

What is included?

In a subscription we look at your requirements and we can work together to build a package that is right for you. This means we can include as much or as little as you prefer. A rental includes a seven-position profile set premeasured on tool cones along with delivery and collection. A technician will also be with you on-site the first time to ensure that you get the most from the service and set up and initial glitches are overcome. An individual set up includes the measurements needed for your machine and the necessary support to help you get on your way.

Will I save overall?

While you may see an increase in CNC tooling cost, this will be hugely offset by the amount of time and labour used in your production along with a reduction of other consumables such as polishing pads.

Does Optimo reduce labour?

In the first instance of setting up CNC tools, Optimo saves up to 95% of the time it would normally take to do this manually. Additional benefits can then be seen through the stone fabrication process with a reduction of the amount of hand finishing required.

Stone tool insurance?

We know stone tools are an expensive part of your stone fabrication process which is why we guarantee that in the unlikely event any tooling is damaged during the installation we will replace it free of charge and ensure that the set-up is completed.


Using advanced optical scanning technology ensures that this is the most accurate CNC tooling set-up system available. Using speed, life and performance as base measures we guarantee that one or more of these will be improved upon. Zares technology is calibrated to 5 Microns and is regularly checked and necessary updates implemented.

What customer service will I receive?

We have a technical team with over two decades of machining experience across a range of stone machines and materials that are here to support and assist in ensuring the successful installation of any Optimo purchases.

Where are the tools redressed/measured?

The tools, in general, are returned to our supplier in Italy to be redressed using an EDM machine, returning the tools to their original shape and quality. Measuring takes place at Stonegate’s offices meaning we always have access to the data to ensure success. Sintered tools can usually be redressed 3-4 times until there is not sufficient diamond left to redress into a suitable shape tool. At this point, the tool singularly needs to be replaced.

Would stone come off my machine finished?

This depends on your definition of finished. Possibly, small things like taking off the sharpness of an underside edge may still need to be completed if the desired profile shape isn’t a ‘closed’ shape, but the level of polish shouldn’t need any further work.

Does it deskill the role?

In short yes, but that is up to you. It can help less experienced operators quickly and effectively set up tooling on the CNC. We are also offering advice and assistance to ensure you don’t lose the ability to fabricate effectively.

Can you set up recess tools and flutes?

The system we use does not have the ability to set up recesses and flutes in the same way as profiling tools but please speak to us and we may be able to help in other ways by providing you with a technician for the day-to-assist and teach effective methodology.

Can I have tools I already own set up?

We are more than happy to assist with any tooling you may already own. We do recommend the tooling we provide as we have experienced great results time after time and hold our suppliers accountable for the quality of the tools, but we are happy to work with you on your needs.

Can you set up used tools?

Whilst this is possible it is not always recommended as tooling changes shape over time as it is used. This means that a level of finish cannot be guaranteed. We can redress used tools and then add new polish wheels, then set the full set up as a fresh new set.

Do CNC tools need redressing?

We would always recommend that any used tools are redressed before setting up as this allows us to ensure you are getting the very best from the tools you have invested in.

Resins/Abrasive Polish Wheels?

Both types of tools can be set up but the favoured system in current fabrication processes is resin polish wheels. Resins provide a much better standard of finish and when set up correctly will outlast its abrasive counterpart. There are pros and cons to both wheels. Resin wheels usually work better with consistent Engineered Stone. Abrasives work well on multi-coloured/hardness granites as they don’t ‘give’ when polishing, therefore getting a flatter less ‘orange peel’ effect that resins tend to give on such materials.

How long does it take to redress tools?

It currently takes between two and four weeks to have tools redressed in Italy. This is mainly due to transport limitations.

What is a Zares?

A Zares is an advanced optical measuring device with bespoke software for the setting of CNC profile tools across multiple machines with the ability to integrate into fabrication software currently in use in your workshop. It measures tools optically in 3D and also 360 degrees taking into consideration elliptical tool inconsistencies and measures them at 5 microns making set up 10% more accurate.

What is the difference between rental and subscription?

The rental service is designed for stone fabricators who want to produce a less common profiled edge such as an Ogee or a waterfall edge without the associated costs of purchasing expensive tooling only for it to sit in a cupboard for eight months after. A subscription is intended to help you manage the costs of all your profile tooling used over a prolonged period of time. Usually, this is suited to higher volume standard profile tools such as Chamfer edge top and bottom or radius edge top and bottom, but not limited to these shapes.

Why would I rent instead of purchase?

Rental is a great option if you don’t currently sell lots of a fancy profile and don’t want to lay out large sums to produce it. Even then, you may purchase for one job and then not use again for months on end. This service allows you to accurately price your job knowing exactly how much the tooling has cost you. The rental also includes set up which means you won’t need to spend hours achieving a high-quality finish as you would if purchasing.

How do we agree price/prove meterage?

We have fixed pricing of £500 for the first 10 linear metres then £25 per additional linear meter thereafter. We ask that when you send us the drawing of the job to confirm the planned usage and trust that you are honest with us.

Can I buy the tools after rental?

There is always room for us to discuss this and if you decide you would like to purchase the set you have used contact us and we can ensure everything meets your needs

Do you have a list and drawings of the profiles?

Please follow the link here Status Profile Shapes to see what our current offering is. Don’t see what you need? Contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Is Optimo for me?

Do you need faster setups? Is your finish not what you would like from the CNC? Is tooling not running as fast as you would like? Are you running multiple passes of tooling? Are you frustrated with losing tools, and not having a consistent CNC tooling redress and fresh tool churn? If you answer yes to any of these then Optimo can help you.