Stonegate Launch New Vortex Saw Blade

The team here at Stonegate are incredibly excited by the plans we have for 2023. We gain great satisfaction from understanding our customers’ challenges and helping them to overcome them. We do this by using our team of stone fabrication specialists and tooling experts to understand their journey and then advise them on the tools or services they need to ensure their success. A huge part of that is researching and developing high performing tools that empower stone fabricators and help them achieve perfection in their craft.

The Vortex saw blade is the latest edition to our range that enables us to do this. V stands for Vortex, but it also stands for Versatility. The beauty of this new blade is that it can be run quickly on a CNC saw or slow on fixed speed saws, giving ultimate control to fabricators when cutting. It has a specially designed soft bond and specifically arranged diamond content, which makes it perfect for cutting granite and engineered stone.

Vortex Blade

Pre-drilled Breton and Donatoni location peg holes makes a fabricator’s job easy. The Vortex is not limited to one machine. The saw blade has 15mm segments and extensive testing by the Stonegate technical team discovered that it delivers a consistently accurate and smooth finishing cut. This reassurance in performance means that you can have confidence when using the Vortex blade that you will be cutting stone accurately and cleanly.

Customer feedback is so important to us here at Stonegate. We use it to improve tooling and services and also to identify areas in which we can help our customers, so we were delighted when we got resounding feedback on the newly launched Vortex blade!

We recently bought a Vortex Blade from Stonegate for cutting quartz and granite and would highly recommend it. We definitely will be purchasing these again in the future.


The Quartz Worktop Company

Vortex In Use

To place your order for the Vortex blade you can visit our website here, or you can get in touch with our friendly team on 01482 620400 or Alternatively, if you are unsure on what the right blade for your machine is, just get in touch and one of our expert team will be able to help you, or you can browse the entire bridge saw range here.