The Best Lifting and Handling Solutions for Stone Fabricators

Using the right lifting and handling equipment can dramatically improve your efficiency and output. Not only this, but having the correct products in place also guarantees the safety and comfort of your team. At Stonegate, we have the largest range of stone lifting and handling solutions in the UK and Ireland.

We have spent years designing and developing our Hercules range to deliver the exact solutions for your challenges. Staple classics like the StoneCart Pro, the Mini Dolly and the Workshop Buddy enable you to move stone around workshops and houses quickly, easily and safely – saving you time and money!

Carry on clamping!

Stonegate carry clamps are manufactured by handling specialists using only the highest quality components. With a working load limit of up to 400kg, they don’t slip on wet or icy slabs and the white rubber grips help you to avoid marking the stone.

These premium quality clamps from the Hercules range ensure that you are working quicker and with greater safety. Choose from double handed carry clamps, standard scissor carry clamps or heavy duty carry clamps, and ensure lifting and carrying becomes an easier, safer task!

Give them a winch…

Winch carts are the perfect solution when you don’t have an abundance of workers to lift and move slabs. The vertical steel structure makes it possible to raise and lower finished pieces to and from vans, simplifying the loading process and saving time.

Choose the Stonegate Hand Winch Cart for a manual solution or Stonegate EZ Pro Winch Cart with installed remote electric winch, with universal battery and mark-free tyres. With working load limits of up to 500kg, and the guarantee of Stonegate service and technical support, these carts really will make your life easier!

Setting the seam

One of our most popular lifting and handling products we offer is the Stonegate Easy Work Automatic Seam Setter Kit. Each seam setter has four levelling points which enable you to level kitchen worktops up while you pack and glue.

The soft white rubber suction cups deliver incredibly strong suction while installing the worktop, without scratching or damaging the surface of the stone. The automatic seam setter helps you work much more efficiently and delivers perfect finished jobs with the tightest, most invisible joints possible.

These are just three of the fantastic stone lifting and handling solutions that we have to offer, but there are plenty more too – from A Frames and Tilt Tables, to Falcon Lifters and Vacuum Lifters. Or if you have a challenge you are unable to solve, just get in touch and we will be happy to offer detailed Technical Support to help you overcome it. Contact us on or (+44) 1482 620400 and let us give you a hand and give your business a lift!