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Broken segments are one of the most common problems when using diamond blades. Read on to find out how you can minimise the risk of this happening!

Common Diamond Blade Problems: Broken Diamond Segments

Broken Diamond Segments

Diamond blade users are no strangers to mishaps. One of the most common problems they experience involves the segments. When one (or more) of the segments breaks, it might result in blade damages, as well as the threat of segments flying out.

Causes of segment breaks of diamond blades vary. If your bridge saw blades do not experience quality problems and are firmly connected, the following might result in segment loss:

Improper Use of Dry Diamond Blades

Some welded diamond blades are designed to cut materials minus the water. But using a dry laser welded diamond blade in arbitrary fashion might also break the blade.

Dry cutters use air for coolant, so use your diamond blades in a shallow sawing mode, which allows the air to flow freely around the blade. Using the dry diamond blade for deep or continuous cutting might result in loss of segments, as well as overheating.

Wet Diamond Blades, Less Water

During the cutting process, lack of adequate water on both sides of the blade generates excessive heat, which results in slurry abrasives. Laser welding of wet diamond blades also wears away your blade’s steel core, also known as undercutting.

An adequate water supply matters to wet cutting jobs; this prevents blades from washing out. Overheating also causes blunt segments, and if you use a wet diamond blade without water, expect damages in a matter of minutes.

Saw Machine Problems

Worn-out saw machine blade shafts result in an unstable diamond blade during the cutting process and, eventually, blade loss. Spare your saw from further damage by replacing the shaft or its bearings as soon as possible.

Other reasons behind diamond blade flutters include incorrect mounting of diamond blades on shafts, loose nuts and bolts, or dirt and sand between blade steel cores.

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