Tools For Quartz

Quartz worktops have never been more popular and as a high-quality, stylish surface that requires very little maintenance, it’s the ideal solution for conscientious end-users wanting the very best look in their homes. Choosing the best tools for quartz is essential in ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the final finish when the product is in situ.

We understand that when it comes to quartz tools, it can be a daunting and challenging job to choosing the right equipment for the job. Today, we’re going to give you all the information you need to ensure that you’re as informed as possible and know more than ever about the best quartz tools available.

Our diamond tools for quartz are manufactured to be the very best in their class, we guarantee that they produce accurate, clean cuts and that they also provide a good life – essential as more and more modern fabricators are seeking greater value for money in the tools that they purchase.

Of course, it’s essential that you understand the surface you’re cutting. Before we jump in and start talking about the tools, here’s a little more about quartz worktops themselves:


    1. Quartz worktops are manufactured from natural quartz which is one of the hardest materials that can be found in the Earth.
    2. Small amounts of metal, or glass, are added to the surface in order to create variety and create truly beautiful surfaces.
    3. Quartz is non-porous and so resists bacteria and staining, making it the ideal material for kitchens.
    4. Due to quartz being a manmade surface, there is a beautiful selection of options available.

Choosing the best tools for quartz

Quartz is an exceptionally hard material and, as such, needs specialist tools that are up to the job of cutting it efficiently and neatly. Diamond blades for quartz are typically constructed using a medium-soft bond allowing it to effectively ware away and expose the powerful cutting diamond.

The very best blades use arranged diamond segments that have evenly dispersed diamond right the way through the bond.

The TEMPEST Diamond Bridge Saw Blade features this and more. A common challenge that fabricators encounter is that specialist blades ware down quickly – we spent time designing the TEMPEST and managed to develop a 26mm segment made of arranged diamonds.

This gives you exceptional cutting power of quartz surfaces and a fast, clean cut. Truly – the TEMPEST is the best blade for cutting quartz.

Tools For Quartz

Tools for quartz polishing

The next consideration is quartz polishing. Once the slab has been cut it’s vital to work the edge to a high-shine finish. Our TRIMAX three-step quartz polishing pads have been specifically developed to give you the polishing power of a traditional six or eight-step polishing system, in only three!

We know what you’re thinking, “impossible!”

However, it’s true.

The TRIMAX system is available exclusively from Stonegate and is the work of extensive research and development. The honeycomb pattern disperses the water throughout the polishing pad’s surface, cooling the bond down and removing dust and slurry.

The pads have our highest ever diamond content to expertly polish the surface to the highest shine finish. Whatsmore, we’ve created an optional ‘position 0’ to the set. This pad is our most aggressive and is the ideal solution to remove saw marks from quartz surfaces.

Quartz core drills

When choosing a quartz core drill, cutting power, cutting speed and cost-effectiveness all come into play.

These tools need to be tough enough to stand up quartz’s hardness and produce a clean, neat cut without too much effort. We’ve designed a range of specialist core drills for quartz, from electroplated, thin-wall, segmented and heavy-duty.

All the core drills in our range are tested to destruction and given a guaranteed life to provide you peace of mind that the tools you choose are up to the job.